The Developing Tendency of China's Pipe Industry.

June 28, 2021

China's pipe material and pipe making industry is in a good period of rapid development, which is a sunrise industry. In the current good situation, we must be market-oriented, not only to see the short-term demand, but also to see the long-term, to avoid blindness, the capital, technical forces used in the "blade", must not rush.

The transformation of transportation mode of refined oil. In the early period of our country, almost all the oil products were transported by train. Except for the military "Gela" pipeline, the oil product pipeline was almost zero. Considering safety and economic benefits, it is believed that pipeline transportation will replace train transportation in the next ten years. In the 1970s, economically developed countries have gradually cancelled the transportation of refined oil by train. In terms of the length of oil pipelines in these countries, the length of refined oil pipelines far exceeds that of crude oil pipelines.

In the pipeline construction investment, steel pipe can account for about 30-40%, so it can be seen that the investment in pipe material and pipe making industry is likely to obtain higher benefits. But on the other hand, because people are more and more deeply concerned about HSE, so the quality requirements of pipe materials and pipe manufacturing are higher and higher, that is, the reliability requirements of steel pipes for pipelines are higher and higher. In addition, because increasing the transmission pressure in a certain range can save investment and reduce transportation costs, the transmission pressure, especially for the gas pipeline, has a gradually increasing trend, so the requirements for a series of indicators such as the strength and impact toughness of the pipe have been improved. In addition, due to the development of oil and gas fields to alpine areas, offshore and high sulfur resources, these also put forward higher requirements for steel pipes and pipes.

The steel plastic composite pipe is made of hot-dip galvanized steel pipe as the base and coated with plastic on the inner wall (or the outer wall if necessary) by powder melt spraying technology. Compared with galvanized pipe, it has the advantages of anti-corrosion, no rust, no scale, smooth, clean and non-toxic, long service life and so on. According to the test, the service life of steel plastic composite pipe is more than three times that of galvanized pipe. Compared with plastic pipe, it has the advantages of high mechanical strength, good pressure resistance and heat resistance. Because the matrix is steel pipe, there is no embrittlement and aging problem. It can be widely used in water, gas, chemical products and other fluid transportation and heating engineering, and is the upgrading product of galvanized pipe. Because its installation and use method is basically the same as the traditional galvanized pipe, and the pipe fitting form is also completely the same, and it can replace the aluminum-plastic composite pipe to play a role in the large-diameter water transportation, which is welcomed by users, and has become one of the most competitive new products in the pipeline market.