ISO9001 Black PE100 HDPE Gas Pipes Abrasion Resistance Plastic Fuel Pipe

Basic Information
Place of Origin: SICHUAN, CHINA
Brand Name: YOUYUE
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard package or customized packing
Delivery Time: Negotiable
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 1000000 Meters per Month
Detail Information
Life Span: More Than 50 Years Specification: DN20 - DN630mm
Color: BLACK Thickness: Accordingly
Processing Service: Moulding, Cutting Material: Pe
Length: As Required Feature: Light In Weight
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PE100 HDPE Gas Pipes


Black PE100 HDPE Gas Pipes


ISO9001 Black PE100 plastic fuel pipe

Product Description

Oil Natural Gas Fuel Hdpe Gas Pipe




Standard applied: GB15558.1-2003,GB15558.2-2005
Adopted international standard: IS04437:1997


About the product

The hdpe gas pipe product is made of imported PE pressure pipe materials,
and is manufactured by squeezing and injection moulding.
Products are guaranteed up to or above the national standard.


Product features

No leakage: HDPE gas pipes are mainly connected via fusion welding technology (heat fusion or electric fusion) that ensures oneness of the joint material, structure and pipe body as well as integration of the joint with the pipe, thus effectively resisting the hoop stress and the axial tensile stress generated by the inner pressure.


Great intensity,fine performance in environmental stress cracking resistance and creep resistance: The rate of busting and leaking pipes could be substantially cut in application, while security of gas transportation could be improved.


Fine mechanical performance: The PE pipe has high toughness and strong adaptability to the uneven settlement of the pipes, as well as its strong resistance to underground movement and load. When the groundwork sinks or an earthquake strikes, the product could accordingly shift proportionally without cracking so as to prevent gas leakage.


Fine weatherability (including ultraviolet radiation) and long-term thermal stability


Fine resistance to abrasion and wearing;

hdpe gas pipes have good performance at resisting low-temperature impact: The product could be safely used in the temperature between - 20~40 C and fine at construction works in winter; and its smooth inner wall and big volume capacity (its gas velocity could reach 20m/s) can reduce the engineering cost.


Strong chemical-erosion resistance and anti-aging performance: HDPE molecules have no polarity and therefore the stability of the fittings is excellent with strong resistance to chemical erosion. The product can bear the effect of acid and alkali in earth and be applicable in special circumstances.


Hdpe gas pipes could have a lifespan of over 50 years when used under normal conditions, thus significantly lowering the expenses generated in maintenance and replacement.


Of light materials: The hdpe gas pipe is easy to load, unload and transport; also, its configuration is easy and reliable; meanwhile the installation period is shortened to effectively lower the cost.



Application of hdpe gas pipes:


Transportation of natural gas, liquified petroleum gas and manufactured fuel gas.


Hdpe gas pipe product series:



Pipe series: SDR17, SDR11

Color: black

Product type: in full range with accessories.


Quick Details


Place of Origin: Sichuan, China
Model Number: PE100DN500
Material: HDPE
Specification: DN20~DN315mm
Length: accordingly
Thickness: accordingly
Processing Service: moulding, Cutting
Name: HDPE gas pipe
Color: black
Usage: gas supply
Brust pressure: 1.26Mpa, 1.6Mpa
Life span: more than 50 years


Model Number Thickness(mm) Specification Length(m)
SDR17.6/0.6MPa 3 DE32,DE40,DE63 6m
SDR17.6/0.6MPa 3.8 DE63
SDR17.6/0.6MPa 4.5 DE75
SDR17.6/0.6MPa 5.4 DE90
SDR17.6/0.6MPa 6.6 DE110
SDR17.6/0.6MPa 7.4 DE125
SDR17.6/0.6MPa 8.3 DE140
SDR17.6/0.6MPa 9.5 DE160
SDR17.6/0.6MPa 10.7 DE180
SDR17.6/0.6MPa 11.9 DE200
SDR17.6/0.6MPa 13.4 DE225
SDR17.6/0.6MPa 14.8 DE250
SDR17.6/0.6MPa 16.6 DE280
SDR17.6/0.6MPa 18.7 DE315
SDR17.6/0.6MPa 21.1 DE355
SDR17.6/0.6MPa 23.7 DE400
SDR11/1.0MPa 3 DE20,DE25,DE32
SDR11/1.0MPa 3.7 DE40
SDR11/1.0MPa 4.6 DE50
SDR11/1.0MPa 5.8 DE63
SDR11/1.0MPa 6.8 DE75
SDR11/1.0MPa 8.2 DE90
SDR11/1.0MPa 10 DE110
SDR11/1.0MPa 11.4 DE125
SDR11/1.0MPa 12.7 DE140
SDR11/1.0MPa 14.6 DE160
SDR11/1.0MPa 16.4 DE180
SDR11/1.0MPa 18.2 DE200
SDR11/1.0MPa 20.5 DE225
SDR11/1.0MPa 22.7 DE250
SDR11/1.0MPa 25.4 DE280
SDR11/1.0MPa 28.6 DE315
SDR11/1.0MPa 32.3 DE355
SDR11/1.0MPa 36.4 DE400






ISO9001 Black PE100 HDPE Gas Pipes Abrasion Resistance Plastic Fuel Pipe 0


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